Xavier Cooper

Wilson HS
WSU All-American
Cleveland Browns, 49ers and NY Jets

Zachery Banner

Lakes HS
USC All-American
Currently Pittsburgh Steelers #72

ZeeSpeed has taught me so much about leadership

I just finished my fall semester of [my] freshmen year at the University of Alabama. It was definitely a challenge moving so far from home and not knowing anyone, but I feel that I have the mindset that I can push myself to do anything I want to do. I think about ZeeSpeed often because I feel that I am as confident, competitive and driven because of your camp.

ZeeSpeed has challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally like nothing else has

When I first started ZeeSpeed...we were just average athletes, nobodies, commoners, we had no issues or background, no way of accomplishing our dreams, no pride in what we were doing. But to Zach we were something, and that’s all that mattered. No one cares as much as these coaches do, to take time away from their lives and jobs to commit themselves entirely to these kids. This Is Training For Life!

ZeeSpeed coaches and mentors never gave up on me

I have played sports throughout my whole high school career and never once had training like this. I have learned about work ethic, attitude, never giving up, and always being kind to anybody you meet. Like I used to wake up with a bad attitude because my life wasn’t perfect and all these things were wrong. The coaches helped me look at things differently and the ways you should respond to them.

The exercise is only the surface of ZeeSpeed

When I started ZeeSpeed I was 13 years old. I was just starting to begin cross country and track. I have always loved running but had always been just decent at it. The incredible coaches encouraged me to do my best, and I love the challenge that each workout held. I learned so much about who I want to be and how to develop into her. I cannot thank Zach, the other coaches and the ZeeSpeed camp for what they have done for me.

ZeeSpeed is training for life

I started ZeeSpeed when I was 11 years old going into the 6th grade. At the time I did not really understand what they meant [by training for life], all I knew was that I was there to work out, and I enjoyed it. I kept coming back every summer, and it became my favorite part about the summer. It prepared me to be accountable to myself and to believe that with hard work I could accomplish any goal I set for myself.

There truly is no other camp that prepares you for life quite like ZeeSpeed

Starting ZeeSpeed at the age of 12 years old was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. Never in my athletic career have I been in a competitive environment where I could still feel the love and support from the leaders of the program. Now, as an 18-year-old preparing to go off to college, I look back in awe at all of the things I have learned and all that I have accomplished with the help of ZeeSpeed.

“Love The Grind!”

“Week one of training camp, and it was tough! Being a basketball player, I was not prepared for any football drills. Drills that I have never done and/or worked on before, I was struggling. But nothing had stopped me from moving forward and getting better. The very first thing you told me was to “Love The Grind!” Without this saying, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. I wouldn’t be able to push through obstacles. I wouldn’t have completed school assignments. I wouldn’t have been able to wake up every practice day at 6:30am and head straight to work right after. I wouldn’t have finished through the Stadium stairs… At this point you can tell I hate stairs, Coach! But this saying has put my eyes on the target which allowed me to go through any obstacle….”

~Rick Ngo