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ZeeSpeed has taught me so much about leadership.. ...I just finished my Fall semester of (my) freshmen year at the University of Alabama...It was definitely a challenge moving so far from home & not knowing anyone, but I feel that I have the mindset that I can push myself to do anything I want to do...I think about ZeeSpeed often because I feel that I am as confident, competitive and driven because of your camp............(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed has challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally like nothing else has.. ...When I first started ZeeSpeed...we were just average athletes, nobodies, commoners, we had no issues or background, no way of accomplishing our dreams, no pride in what we were doing. But to Zach we were something, and that’s all that mattered...no one cares as much as these coaches do, to take time away from their lives and jobs to commit themselves entirely to these kids...This Is Training For Life!............(mouse over to read more) Zeespeed coaches and mentors never gave up on me.. ...I have played sports throughout my whole High School career and never once had training like this...I have learned about worth ethic, attitude, never giving up, and always being kind to anybody you meet...Like I used to wake up with a bad attitude because my life wasn’t perfect and all these things were wrong...the coaches helped me look at things differently and the ways you should respond to them...............(mouse over to read more) The exercise is only the surface of Zeespeed.. ...When I started Zeespeed I was 13 years old...I was just starting to begin cross country and track. I have always loved running but had always been just decent at it...The incredible coaches encouraged me to do my best and I love the challenge that each workout held...I learned so much about who I want to be and how to develop into her...I cannot thank Zach, the other coaches and the Zeespeed camp for what they have done for me............(mouse over to read more) Zeespeed is training for life.. ...I started Zeespeed when I was 11 years old going into the 6th grade...at the time I did not really understand what they meant (by training for life), all I knew was that I was there to work out, and I enjoyed it...I kept coming back every summer, and it became my favorite part about the summer...It prepared me to be accountable to myself and to believe that with hard work I could accomplish any goal I set for myself............(mouse over to read more) There truly is no other camp that prepares you for life quite like Zeespeed.. ...Starting Zeespeed at the age of 12 years old was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself...never in my athletic career have I been in a competitive environment where I could still feel the love and support from the leaders of the program...Now, as an 18 year old preparing to go off to college, I look back in awe at all of the things I have learned and all that I have accomplished with the help of Zeespeed...........(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed tossed me out of my comfort zone.. ...ZeeSpeed has not only given me the tools to pursue an athletic edge, but also has molded me into a more confident and assertive leader and teammate...it brings together boys and girls of all ages, schools, sports, backgrounds, and skill sets for the purpose of self-improvement...Not only has ZeeSpeed given me an athletic edge throughout high school, but it's also prepared me to be a stronger leader going into college...........(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed challenged me even more than my training in college.. ...I am a current student-athlete at Eastern Washington University...This summer I took a chance with leaving school to come home and train with someone back home and I am glad that I did. With taking this chance I got the opportunity to train in the ZeeSpeed camp...having someone there to really pay attention to my technique, fixing it, and helping me understand why it will benefit me has definitely helped me run and be that much quicker..........(mouse over to read more) Zeepeed is more than just a summer camp.. ...Zeespeed not only made me a better athlete on the field, it helped better me in the classroom and in the community...9 years ago, when I first stepped on the field as a Zeespeed camper I didn’t know what hard work was, (and now) when I wake up at 6 o’clock and get ready to go to the bowl my mind is set to go out there and be the best of the best to ever be the best...I want to personally thank Zack and his staff for making me a better man..........(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed has made all the difference.. ...The results from attending Zeespeed are what bring me back year after year...Zach and his staff create an environment where it is fun to compete with yourself and others while building speed and increasing your confidence...Training with Zach has taught me healthy habits that I will have for as long as I live..........(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed prepares you for your future beyond sports.. ...ZeeSpeed is not just about athletic training but also mental training for life...I have faced my fare share of battles physically and also mentally...And through all of my hardships Zack and the ZeeSpeed crew has been there for me no matter what...(after repeated & recurrent injuries) Zach would always tell me to never give up no matter what adversity is thrown at you...I took that to heart and ended my senior year with 5 full ride football scholarships and I am going to Portland State University to get my education paid for and play the game I love all because I never gave up..........(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed -- one heart beat... ...There is nothing quite like the staff at Zee Speed...They make you want to get up early and be out there, wanting to better yourself not only as an athlete, but also as an individual and as a student...The variety of the workouts during the camp is also one of the aspects that I love most...Although it is hard work, you have athletes all around you pushing you to go faster, and become stronger and that is when that mental toughness kicks in...You are never alone at Zee Speed...I am very thankful to have been a part of Zee Speed this summer, and can say I feel very prepared for this season both mentally and physically- I am so ready to kill it.......(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed has made a lasting impact on my life... ...Through hard work, passion and desire anything is possible...One of a constant and daily mentality at becoming greater to become the best of the best...Zach taught me how to push my self beyond the limits that I had for myself...My life has been positively impacted by Zach and I can't thank him enough for how he has shaped me into the man I am today.......(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed emphasizes not only individual achievement, but also teamwork... ...This was my first year doing ZeeSpeed...One of the main things that stood out to me was the positivity of all the coaches...The coaches push you hard and relate the adversity that you face during the workout to real life...ZeeSpeed has helped me prepare physically and mentally for the challenge of competing in college athletics...I would definitely recommend ZeeSpeed to any athlete who aspires to play at the next level.......(mouse over to read more) My athletic ability has been tested to the limit at ZeeSpeed... ....Z-speed has taught to never give up when being faced with adversity whether it being in life, on the field, or on the track...It has developed my leadership, confidence, and communication skills...When I started Z-speed three years ago I only saw myself as an athlete with just potential, but now I see myself as an athlete...This program has prepared me so that I am capable of being a collegiate athlete......(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed has been a huge blessing to me... ....Not only have I gotten faster, but I have also improved my quickness, strength, and endurance...Participating in Zee Speed was one of the best decisions I have made......(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed ranks among the best training programs that I have been a part of... ....I am very passionate about athletics and training to be the best that I can be in my sport...The drills and exercises incorporated in ZeeSpeed are the same being used by elite athletes, and the training methodology incorporates every aspect of speed and endurance... Zach knows his stuff...The trainers push you to be the best you can be, not only on the field, but also in life... I was privileged to be a part of this camp, and I would recommend it to any high school or college athlete, regardless of level or division......(mouse over to read more) Thank you ZeeSpeed for pushing me and shaping me into a leader... ....ZeeSpeed is an amazing camp that helps form young teenagers into fit athletes with a mindset that will help lead the world into a better tomorrow...it pushes all of the young athletes to their full potential on the field and challenges us to compete the same way in the classroom... ZeeSpeed taught me to step up to the challenge and lead my team......(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed pushed me to the max... ....Living overseas in the past, it has been hard to attend every ZeeSpeed session...this summer was the first time where I attended close to a full cycle of ZeeSpeed, and I am feeling better and more confident than I ever have prior to the soccer season...the ZeeSpeed coaches and participants have helped me to push myself to the max, and never give up on myself and my teammates...without them, I would not even be close to the athlete I am today, and I am so proud to call myself a member of the ZeeSpeed family.....(mouse over to read more) Initial anxiety quickly replaced by welcoming atmosphere on day one of camp... ....I began doing ZeeSpeed when I was around 13 years old...I remember how intimidated I was being one of the youngest members in the camp...the coaches and other campers treated each other with respect and pushed each other in every drill to bring out the best in one another...ZeeSpeed is also unique in the way in which it teaches their campers to be leaders not only on the field, but also in the classroom and community.....(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed helped me both on the field AND in the classroom... ....Zeespeed taught me is to believe in myself...I never thought I could be the fast one on my team until I did this camp...not only is this a workout camp, it is inspirational and is shown outside of working out and now in classrooms.....(mouse over to read more) Personal note of thanks... ....I just wanted to say thank you for being so supportive...You are kind, uplifting, and a great coach!.....(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed taught me leadership... ....I had a lot of fun and gained tons of valuable experience in my first year as a coach, and I hope to be apart of the camp in the years to come...While coaching Zee Speed I was able to observe how Zach and the other coaches teach the kids strength, endurance and speed...Through this experience, I was inspired to learn more about fitness in order to one day teach others and help them reach their health and fitness goals.....(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed changed my life... ....While I am not a football, soccer or baseball player, Zeespeed has had a positive effect on my life physically and emotionally...Prior to Zeespeed I had my share of trouble in school and at home...Zeespeed gave me a place where I didn’t feel like an outsider everyone is treated the same...Zeespeed is a family and has given me a place where I belong and I am thankful for the coaches who pushed me and helped turn my life around.....(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed has changed the way I approach challenging workouts and tough competition... ....I have never experienced a camp like ZeeSpeed...I am very confident going into my third season of collegiate soccer and I owe that to ZeeSpeed...looking forward to improving my athletic ability with a great group of people at ZeeSpeed 2016....(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed helped football player develop over consecutive camps... ....Doing Zeespeed for three summers has shaped me in many different ways I didn’t know I could shaped in...It shaped my perspective in the class room by teaching me the same discipline I had during Zeespeed I can have in the class and to never give up...Zeespeed taught me athletic form that has helped my on the football field tremendously...The more summers I did Zeespeed the more I saw improvement in my athletics....(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed helps individuals excel as athletes... ....ZeeSpeed utilizes technical drills, strength conditioning, and cardio based workouts to excel the athlete’s physical performance....As a collegiate athlete myself, ZeeSpeed allowed me to stay committed to staying in shape and preparing for the coming season over this summer break...ZeeSpeed not only makes an athlete stronger, faster, and tougher, but it turns athletes into leaders as well. ...(mouse over to read more) ZeeSpeed taught me how to be a leader on my team... ....One of the most important things Zee Speed has taught me is the athletic mindset of always being present and to ultimately be able to control my race and reap the benefits...My sophomore year of high school I won a national championship...(mouse over to read more)   ZeeSpeed is all about taking your game to the next level... ....From the 4 years of camp that I’ve attended...the desire to become “the best of the best” comes naturally to me now...it’s amazing to see how much everyone improves by the end of the summer...This camp helped me to earn a starting spot on my team, and I know that I could not have done this by myself...ZeeSpeed is definitely a necessity for any young athlete looking to become a game changer...(read more)   Growing up, one of my best friends always talked about ZeeSpeed... ....My first assumption was that it was one of the typical training camps that over-work kids and use fear as the primary “motivation”...To my surprise, the first day was absolutely amazing...I am surrounded by so many encouraging, hard-working people; it is honestly one of the most inspiring things I have ever encountered...Before this camp, I took my athletic ability and health for granted...We all have been given certain gifts, and I don’t want to let mine pass me by...(read more)   Without Zee-Speed I don’t think I would be the athlete I am today... ....I was really out of shape, and I realized this as the third week of summer approached and I still hadn’t exercised...As a fourth place finisher in the Washington State Track and Field 100 meter dash, I needed stamina to compete at that level of competition...My friend told me about this program called Zee-Speed...I was the new guy and I barely knew anyone. As I started, I noticed that everyone was very welcoming...I realized that I wasn't only getting in better shape physically, but mentally as well...(read more)   ZeeSpeed is a camp like no other camp that I have ever attended... ...At Zeespeed you are continually encouraged and pushed to reach your fullest potential as an athlete and as an individual...hearing people cheer one another on really motivated me to give it my all...I became very motivated and pushed myself more than I have ever before...I owe a lot of my success in soccer to Zeespeed....This fitness camp has given me a whole new outlook on fitness. I am so motivated to give it my all in everything that I will do in life and I owe a lot of that motivation to Zach and all of the other staff....(read more)   ZeeSpeed trains you to be the "Best of the Best"... ...I have been a participant in Zeespeed for over six years and it has been one of the best experiences in my life thus far...I attribute all of my athletic success to Zeespeed...(ZeeSpeed) teaches you that you don’t have to be the fastest person out there but as long as you push yourself and set no limits you are and will be the “best of the best”....(read more)   ZeeSpeed has made an amazing impact on my life in many ways... ...From taking this camp, it changed my mentality to become better at everything that I do....The best of the best is what I want to be, and Zach and his staff helped me realize that I can achieve this....ZeeSpeed was absolutely amazing and I plan to attend again next year!.....(read more)   ZeeSpeed is Life Changing... ...I’ve been going to Zee Speed for four years now and I feel that because of this camp I have changed mentally, physically and emotionally....I’ve been to many other camps but I have never come across a camp like ZeeSpeed...ZeeSpeed the staff encourages you to reach your full potential...All the campers at ZeeSpeed act as a family.....(read more)   Zeespeed has turned me into the athlete I am today... ...When I first started playing football I was a lineman...my mom came to me asking if I wanted to join a speed camp called Zeespeed...That next season I came out to practice a lot skinnier and faster and told my coach I wanted to be running back...I continued to go back to Zeespeed and kept on getting faster and my 8th grade year I was moved to Wide Receiver...(read more)   Zeespeed help(ed) me to step my game up... ...Zeespeed is such an amazing camp...People that play tennis, soccer, football, baseball all come together with the same goal in mind: becoming the best of the best...This year in Zeespeed I have seen SO much improvement in everyone, and it is really inspiring...I would like to thank the Zeespeed staff for helping me to achieve my goal of playing soccer in college...(read more)   There was something special about this ZeeSpeed camp... ...I learned that it teaches the fundamentals to not only become a great competitor, but also to become a well-rounded individual...I kept challenging myself at practice and listened closely to my ZeeSpeed leaders. My soccer coach noticed my speed increase...Without ZeeSpeed, I don’t think I would be the same confident, hardworking individual that I am today...(read more)   ZeeSpeed is a great place for me to compete with my brothers... ...It allows the participants to go at their own pace while still pushing them to do their best...I have done ZeeSpeed for the past two years now and I have enjoyed it greatly both years...All three of my brothers joined ZeeSpeed this summer and we compete every day...I have become faster that all my brothers...ZeeSpeed has helped me to keep trying hard and push myself not only physically, but mentally and academically as well...(read more)   I cannot imagine my life without this camp... ...The staff, community members, and other athletes make ZeeSpeed an atmosphere like no other...Every time I attend this camp I feel like I am surrounded by people who not only care about my sport, but me as an individual...ZeeSpeed not only helped me as an athlete, but also as a person...I cannot thank Zach enough for running ZeeSpeed year after year and sacrificing his time and effort to help make numerous young athletes dreams come true...(read more)   ZeeSpeed has truly improved my speed and fitness... ...My dream since I was young is to be the greatest soccer player I can be and play as long as I can at a high level. ...When I heard about this camp, I did not want to do it. I heard that it is super hard and tough...Doing ZeeSpeed was the best choice I have made this summer...I can not wait to be back next year to be apart of another amazing experience!...(read more)   “One heartbeat, One family, ZeeSpeed”... ...Its almost been four years participating in this program and there hasn’t been a single summer where I don’t think about doing this camp again...It has definitely changed my life completely...I am proud to be apart of the ZeeSpeed family and it is truly a blessing that Zach and his staff take their mornings to help me...(read more)   Before ZeeSpeed, I thought I worked out hard. I was WRONG!... ...The most important thing I learned from ZeeSpeed is how to push myself...Not only have I become a better me, I also have gained a family...From the very first moment I stepped onto the field, I felt so welcomed...thanks to Zach Smalls and the whole ZeeSpeed family. The coaches are the most generous and caring people I have ever met...(read more)   Getting the Competitive Edge... ...When I first started going to ZeeSpeed, I was not very athletic but Zach and his staff quickly changed that...This camp is what has always given me the competitive edge both in and out of the classroom and I owe it all to Coach Smalls and his amazing staff....This camp has given me the self confidence to become a great athlete but also the self confidence to be a better student in the classroom...(read more)   7-year ZeeSpeed participant... ...This camp surrounds you with amazing people, from the coaches, to the athletes, to the people who are out there just to help...Everyone is there for the same reason, to help these young people better themselves, both physically and mentally...I will continue to be a part of ZeeSpeed in the future, whether it is as a participant or staff...Thank you for making me a better athlete, and a better person...(read more)
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